Whatever you do, take the first interview and this is why

Maybe you hit the APPLY button on a whim, or you were recruited for a position that sounded great at the time. But you’re a busy professional and now you’re having second thoughts. You’re thinking, “I just don’t have the time” or “I’ve heard bad things about the firm and I am afraid that it isn’t such a great place to work”. It’s completely natural to have those thoughts but it always makes sense to take the first interview. After that, if it’s not a good fit there’s no harm done.  On the flip side, if you cancel an interview two things can happen. First, it will leave a bad impression with the hiring manager as well as anyone else who would be involved in the early stages of the process. Second, you may have missed out on an amazing opportunity and you’ll never get the chance again. The best reason to take the first interview is that early on, there’s no commitment on your end. And you will have the chance to ask questions, get first-hand information and a better sense of the firm. Who knows, it might just be your dream job so why not take the first step?  After all, it’s just a conversation.